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Mycrofine Aata Chakki

Mycrofine has a large scale of Experience of 48 years in household product there company has shown exceptional growth in the last few years and has become a famous household name. Mycrofine is pushing its own boundaries with introducing new products which are designed for high-performance and which are time-saving, easy-to-use and with extended production capacity, Innovation and customer satisfaction is Mycrofine’s passion.

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Mission Statement

Profitable growth through superior Customer Service, Innovation, Quality and Commitment.

Why People Choose

People choose Mycrofine Aata Chakki for several compelling reasons , making it their preferred choice for atta (flour) grinding.

  • Superior Quality
  • Freshness and Nutrition
  • Convenience and Hygiene
  • Trust and Reputation
  • Cost-Effective Solution

Vision Statement

Provide Healthy, Eco Friendly and Affordable house hold Appliances to every family with help of State of Art Technology, Quality and Service Standard.

History of

Our Company

Building the Foundation

Mr. Kirit Patel (mama) establishes a trading activity called 'Happy Home' and gains popularity as a successful retailer in home appliances.


Next Generation Joins

Mr. Sachin Patel, son of Late Mr. Kirit Patel (mama), joins the family business.


Pioneering Innovation

Late Mr. Kirit Patel (mama) and Mr. Sachin Patel set up a small unit and initiate R&D for a unique flourmill.


Growing Popularity

Mycrofine gains traction in the market, becoming a leading brand in Gujarat.
Focuses on customer satisfaction and expands the dealer network, establishing a strong presence in the region.


Growth Story

Experience the convenience of Mycrofine Aata Chakki's user-friendly design, enabling effortless flour milling at home. Say goodbye to manual labor and welcome the ease of freshly ground flour at your fingertips.


Designing Excellence

Unveils designer flourmills with stunning doors and concealed handles, setting a new trend in the industry.


Enhanced Service and Reach

Develops a skilled technician network for hassle-free operations and service.
Incorporates toll-free customer support, catering to a wider customer base.


Emerging as a National Brand

Expands presence across India, aiming to become a leading brand.
Contributes to the "Make in Gujarat - Make in India" initiative, emphasizing local production.


First Award

Awarded For
Best Quality Products
By Quality Mark Trust


Leading the Industry

Mycrofine flourmill remains at the forefront of innovation and customer satisfaction.
Continues to inspire the industry with trend-setting designs and performance excellence.


India Ki Apni Aata Chakki

Make in India – is the thought for young generation, that’s what Mr. Sachin Patel feels. He also believes that building up of any nation is totally the responsibility of the young crowd and India having the world’s richest strength in youth power can strive up to the global platform with the basic values of culture & self-recognition skills.


Superior Grinding Performance

Mycrofine Aata Chakki is known for its exceptional grinding performance. It utilizes advanced technology and precision engineering to ensure efficient and consistent grinding of grains, resulting in fine and high-quality flour.

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Innovative Design

Mycrofine Aata Chakki features an innovative and ergonomic design that enhances convenience and ease of use. The compact and modern design allows it to fit seamlessly into any kitchen space while providing a user-friendly experience.

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Durability & Reliability

Mycrofine Aata Chakki is built with high-quality materials and components, ensuring its durability and long-lasting performance. It is designed to withstand regular usage and deliver reliable grinding results over an extended period.

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Hygienic Operation

Maintaining hygiene during the grinding process is a priority for Mycrofine Aata Chakki. It incorporates features such as easy-to-clean surfaces, removable parts for thorough cleaning, and dust-free operation to ensure the production of clean and uncontaminated flour.

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Energy Efficiency

Mycrofine Aata Chakki is designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power while delivering optimal grinding output. It helps users save on electricity costs without compromising on performance.

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